Veniroe is based in Beverly Hills, California.Our commitment is to make the best jewelry ever.

Creating pieces that feel like you can feel what you want, wear it how you want, and keep it forever is what we strive for.

Shine Forever

Veniroe designs only the most unique of fine art jewelry.
Every piece is meticulously crafted and reflects our stories – our passions.

Designed by Gemma Park

We are led by Chief designer and founder Gemma P, Graduate Gemologist from GIA and industry powerhouse of over 20 years.
Driven by a love of nature, Gemma travels the world and immerses herself in nature’s beauty.
Her experiences are conceptualized into jewelry, and every piece reflects a part of Gemma’s life.

We make jewelry with the best standard

Handmade pieces of jewelry have a certain kind of uniqueness added to them that individuals instantly get attracted to its beauty.

Dedication and creativity are what we aim for

Veniroe Jewelry is important as it is not only used to elevate one look but also used to express emotions like love and gratitude.

Every piece of jewelry ever bought or gifted doesn’t only have monetary values but also has emotional values added to it.