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About Us

Veniroe is offering you the intangible. More than just a product, beyond a piece of art, poetry taken shape.
We embark on our opening season with a serenade for you, a song from a forgotten fable composed in a bygone age.
We craft in Laguna Beach, California, where we gather the myriad scattered pearls of Aphrodite and forge them into the eternal.
Please join us, and welcome.

"Find out the difference between ordinary and extraordinary"
"We are thriving to fulfill people's love and dreams through our collections just like an artist completes his painting"
"All who are in love may have smiles on their faces…"

2019 Exhibitor of Festival of Arts of Laguna Beach 2020 Jewelry Awards Winner


Bespoke Handcrafted Jewelry

I want to present a bouquet of flowers to you with all of my love!

Would I be able to unlock your heart with a flower?

My eternal princess, I wish to bestow you a crown of pink flowers!!

The blossomed flowers shine to congratulate our love together!

I want you to soar through the sky in the swing of flowers, just like the fairy tales.

The desert fox follows the path of the stars to find happiness!